Modern science says that the earth and other planets in the solar system formed 4.54 billion years ago from the protoplanetary dust and gas left over from the formation of the Sun. It is believed that the Earth is in a molten iron core with a temperature of 5,000-6.000oC. But there is another, alternative, view of the Earth, based on the knowledge of the ancient civilizations.



According to ancient cosmological views and work of a number of modern scholars, the Earth (and other planets) is a giant living and thinking body. This corresponds to the well-known postulate of “As above, so below that at the bottom, then the top.” There are many examples. Land also has an “internal organs” with muscles, circulatory, nervous and other systems that are protected by rib-bone skeleton with the spine. The blood of the planets and the Earth is green. One end of the “spine” is directed to the west of the Rocky Mountains of North America (North East Pacific Basin). “Brain-machine” of our planet is in its northern part, close to the present state of the North Pole, writes

With the age of the earth increases in size, including a time when she is carrying inside another baby-moon. As the size and the appearance on the surface of the water, it slows down the rotation around the axis. With age, in its crust cracks, the occurrence of which is accompanied by changes of the relief on its surface – as well as the bark of old trees. The bark of the planet, like the skin of a person also receives a life-giving makeup and grease the bottom to wet. Therefore, in the lower layer of the crust produced a lubricant, which duct system will rise up through all the layers. This material is oil, which modern humanity greedily pumping from the bowels of the planet, which was not in previous civilizations.

From the editors. These statements about the purpose of indirectly confirmed abiogenic oil, or mineral oil origin concept. Since the time of Governors accepted that oil on the planet was formed from the remains of dead organisms and vegetation (according to this view of the remains of the layers that have accumulated in the bowels of the earth, over millions of years has led to the formation of deposits of “black gold”, and sooner or later the oil in the world will be exhausted ). This classic biogenic theory for the origin of “black gold” questioned another Dmitri Mendeleev. The essence of the concept of abiogenic that oil – a product of some chemical reactions in deep water, and they are not associated with organic remains. While the rate of the formation of oil – not millions, but only hundreds or even tens of years. There are examples of fields, which from the perspective of the classical theory is not expected (for example, the field “White Tiger” in Vietnam). Oil occurs in the earth’s crust under the sedimentary strata with no fossils. Geologists and known cases of self-healing of depleted fields.

In the center of the Earth’s temperature is around 300-350oC. To this we must add that the volcanic eruptions – this seems to be a manifestation of the existence of underground civilizations emitting species of land in an intense magnetic flux in expanding their underground spaces.
Modern official hypothesis that the Earth is inside mnogotysyachegradusnaya plasma temperature, confirm the experimental data is not received. At the time, Soviet and American scientists have tried to answer this question by drilling Earth ultradeep wells. In the USSR, these wells began drilling in the Kola Peninsula and the Urals. At the end of XX century was drilled on the Kola Peninsula, the well to a depth of 12.230 meters. At this depth was expected to detect basaltic rocks, but they have not met. There were significant shift compared to the forecast, the depth and other breeds. An important discovery for geologists was that with increasing depth of up to 11 kilometers the temperature inside the Earth’s crust stops growing! Further drilling is stopped, so the temperature in the lower layers and the core of the Earth is unknown.

Our planet

, in addition to the known atmosphere, has its own aura and structure of electromagnetic fields, have an important role in the energy exchange with the environment. Receipt of “life energy” to most of the planet Earth is in the plane of the geomagnetic belts, and food – through ingestion of cyclic ocean water biological resources and minerals, such as in the ocean basins Amundsen, North American, Cape Verde, Angola, Bellingshausen Western Australia, the fault Romanche etc.

Between planets and stars exist communication at their level. Feminine planet after “conception” (from “divine energovzryva”) periodically carried in its bosom like a “sentient beings” – the Moon and planets. Like “energovzryv”, but on a smaller scale, every woman feels at conception.
According to the legends of the East is the Cosmic Earth bears within itself the fourth “child” (the moon), while in orbit is her third child – the Moon.

During his birth Earth were smaller, but several times the speed of rotation around the axis. With further increase of size and periodic appearance of water on the surface slows down the speed of rotation, change the duration of the daily time. Water on the planet appear after gestation of another “baby” – a period of about 130-150 thousand years of the modern world’s chronology.

At the present stage of life of the Earth’s surface has already begun descending water and ice (see pictures). This, naturally, leads to climate change and warming the planet.

According to the internal structure of the Earth, the Moon out of the ordinary of her womb may occur to the west of the North American Rocky Mountains in Murray and Mendocino fault (at the time as a “divine energovzryv” that led to the birth of the fourth moon, took over the area of ​​the Sargasso Sea). It was the energy with Energocentr Earth. The fourth will be a companion moon of the planet, and there is a third moon that we can see with the naked eye in the night, will go into a new orbit in the solar system.
The composition of the solar system, according to ancient Chinese sources, does not remain constant. Before becoming a star, the Sun was supposedly the planet, and Jupiter, the former star, has turned into a planet. It turns out that the time will come when the sun will once again be a planet, yielding its place to a new chosen one.

From the editors. As recalled writer Peter Ouspensky in his book “In Search of the Miraculous,” one of the most famous mystic George Gurdjieff XX century, told his students about the planets and the Moon “as a living being with a certain age, a certain period of life, the possibility of development and transition to other planes of existence. From his words implied that the moon – is not a “dead planet”, as commonly believed, but rather “a newborn planet” at the early stages of development and have not yet reached, as he put it, “the degree of rationality, which has Earth “.

Our human civilization, taught by the ancient thinkers – this is only a small episode in the life of the solar system. On the surface of the Earth is not just dramatize ending irrevocable destruction of previous civilizations. Egyptian and oriental sources report that the Earth periodically visit the various disasters, including floods, fires, earthquakes, falling meteor shower of ash, water absorption by the oceans and land, etc. The appearance of water on the Earth’s surface, according to ancient legends, myths, legends, accompanied by large and small floods.

Take a look at our solar system from the outside.

While inside the universe, it is in constant motion and is making his flight around the “axis of Peace” through the North Star. On its way, our planet Earth in the solar system meets and crosses different zones of the nebula (meteor, gas, temperature, energy, etc.). At a meeting with them at the Earth’s surface and in its atmosphere are significant qualitative changes. In addition to water on Earth’s surface dropped multimeter outer layer of ash and meteorites, changes in air temperature, and that the effect on the change in the flora and fauna of the planet.

Ancient tradition and modern research shows that the Earth’s surface is covered with three huge masses of water emerging from the interplay of the Earth’s atmosphere and the special space energy production. Also, these three bodies of water evaporates from the surface, leaving a devastated Earth, like we see on the Moon, Mars and Venus.

From the editors. Recent research data astrophysicists show that the universe, the size of which is still unknown (presumably the length of the universe is at least 93 billion light years away, in the observable part of the 13 billion), is very heterogeneous and has different properties in different regions of space. However, only about 4.4 percent of the mass of the universe is “normal” matter that is “normal” matter, atoms, molecules and approximately 23 per cent “dark matter” is not involved in strong and electromagnetic interactions (it is observed only in the gravitational effect), the rest – little-explored “dark energy.”
The structure of the universe – the most varied. For example, two years ago, a team of researchers from Canada’s University of Victoria, mapping the distribution of matter in the two colliding galaxy clusters (Abel 520), found that in this system are located on the periphery of the galaxy, the center is dark matter and intergalactic gas. A system merging cluster (1E0657-56) reaches for the dark matter galaxies, like a stream of air. What will happen to our solar system and the galaxy the Milky Way, if it enters into the area?

According to calculations by other groups of scientists

– researchers from the Center for Astrophysics Harvard-Smithsonian (Massachusetts, USA), in the future, the Sun, the Earth and all other planets surrounding us will be in a completely different galaxy with other physical laws (!) And other stellar neighbors. According to the forecast of American astronomers, our Milky Way galaxy and the nearby us giant Andromeda galaxy (located at a distance of 2.5 million light-years) for millions of years are in the gravitational interaction. It eventually will inevitably lead to the fact that Andromeda “tighten” to the Milky Way itself, and it will become part of it. In the new environment, our Earth will become a different planet, in addition to the gravitational interaction of the solar system will be literally “broken.”

Now we live in about the middle of the fourth period of the appearance of water on the surface of the Earth. At the geographic poles of the Earth there is a stable ice formation. With the movement of the Earth geographical poles (north and south) are moved and ice fields due to the formation of new centers and the disappearance of old ones.

The water was once on Mars and other planets in the solar system. But while the law is not clear and priority of water on the surface, which then gives way to a period of devastation and the temperature rises, as on Venus. (American scientists managed to obtain data that may exist on Mars, life in the form of bacteria. Rather, the researchers said, they live beneath the surface, which helps to protect them from the cold. Conclusions about the population of Mars was made on the basis of the high methane content in the cloud cover of the planet, which is one of the major metabolic products of bacteria. first evidence of a surprisingly high concentration of methane in the Martian atmosphere were obtained in 2004 with the orbiter. recently methane clouds presence was confirmed by observations from Earth. Microorganisms According to scientists, are found in the layers of permafrost. ideal breeding ground for bacteria may be void under layers of ice, filled with water.

One might wonder about the possibility of human survival on Earth at large and small accidents and even more so after the evaporation of water from the surface. Previous civilizations created underground cities and various artificial environment for a long period, taking measures to ensure the availability of water beneath the surface, air, and all the necessities of life, including the artificial light from a physical source.

In the subcortical part of the surface of the Earth people are protected from cosmic radiation, magnetic storms, meteor showers, from floods, fires, etc. About underground abodes of people mentioned in several ancient tales, legends and historical written materials. It is known that the People Tamils​​, now living in the south of India and Sri Lanka, in ancient times, “came out of the ground.” Part of other nations, however, the threat of natural disasters has left the underground city, including the territory of modern Russia (Lake Baikal region, etc.).


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