The Shape of the Universe

The Shape of the Universe

Despite the fact that the universe has a clear structure, and also with several levels of hierarchy, the concepts of classical mechanics, such as the shape, weight, size, for it does not make sense: the universe with nothing interacts. Instead, it is described as a thermodynamic system, using concepts such as density, pressure, temperature, chemical composition. It is they who will shape the universe as a whole.

The Shape of the Universe

It is formed by multiple processes operating at different levels of hierarchy – scale, and have a different nature. The largest of them – is expansion of the universe, the nature of which – the gravitational interaction of all existing facilities. It is on its course to the future of the universe on the largest scales.

Another phenomenon, which is comparable in scale to the size of the universe, may be called the relic background. It consists of a photon emitted at a time when the light of the hot Big Bang practically ceased to interact with matter, separated from her. Now, because of the expansion of the universe visible most of the photons in the microwave radio band moved.

The hierarchy of scales in the universe

The hierarchy of scales in the universe

Gravity is also responsible for the formation of complex large-scale structures, Come, and superclusters, clusters, local group of galaxies, lenticular galaxies, irregular, elliptical and spiral galaxies with active nuclei, and so on. Each structure is a field in which the various processes unfold. Together they determine the evolution of individual galaxies – the basic process of morphological and chemical evolution of the universe. The main role is played on a smaller scale of star clusters, star systems with different degrees and, finally, individual stars.

The diagram below shows the complex processes that shape the evolution of the galaxy.

In the center of the diagram are important stages in the evolution of a star, from its formation to the death. Their course malozavisim what’s going on with the entire galaxy at large. However, the total number of newly formed stars and their parameters are subject to significant outside influence. Processes, the magnitude of which are comparable to or greater than the size of the galaxy (the diagram is all the rest, are not included in the central area), change the morphological structure, the rate of star formation, and hence the rate of the chemical evolution of the spectrum of the galaxy, etc.

As you can see, the scale of the processes – many millions of years, the context in which they occur very rarely, and then only in part, can be reproduced in the laboratory, so all knowledge of them – multi-interpretation of astronomical observations.

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Hello, my children!

I am Earth. Some of you are now cursing me, someone with fear and horror looks at what is happening, someone sigh of relief that all this is happening far away, someone is just silent … But all you’re thinking about me. You feel the power of the force, which can easily destroy the human buildings, bridges and destiny, like matchbox houses. You feel that thunder into my body. Because every living thing on my surface always knows when a large earthquake occurs somewhere, it knows that even without newspapers and television, because it knows about the cell. You are all one body, and all of you are one with me. We are with you – one big whole, and what is going on inside of me, and finds an echo in you. You feel the fear? Your body feels the fear and stress? It’s the same thing, I feel. Do not treat me like a soulless stone that flies on its orbit around the Greater space. We are one, and we are connected more than you used to think and feel. Your mind is accustomed razotozhdetvlyat you and what surrounds you. But each of you coming here to be born in the human body, leaving some of their energy inside me. At this point, you know that you are one with me, that you are one with all who inhabit me.
The energy that comes from inside me now, it is the energy of expansion. I increased, I open, I get more than it was. And with me, with my physical manifestation of a growing and my mind. I go through the stage of formation of a new consciousness, a new self-awareness. And just happens to you. You go through stages of growth and expansion of himself, his consciousness and understanding. This energy is constrained within a long, long at rest, to wake up under the influence of space to call, coming from the galactic center. I, like you, to obey the laws of space development. The energy that comes to me from the depths of space, encourages me to change, calling me to relax and let happen what should happen. I hear the call, I act according to it. You can also hear him and trust him, and can also allow or resist, because you have been given more than I do. You are given the freedom of will, and you can act according to their understanding. But as long as your will is so small, is so inexperienced that her generation have very short-lived and short-sighted character. As those homes, highways and metropolitan areas, which you build and that can be destroyed only from one of my breath. Your consciousness is still too separated from the consciousness of unity, in which there are all the great consciousness of the Divine Cosmos. But now you have the opportunity to experience this unity. Right now, when you anxious and scared when opening the door of your mind closed, in which you are staying every day, like the home-box in which you live in big cities. Now crack the walls of these boxes, and they injected energy power of the message. That message from Earth, which each of you is getting now, after an earthquake off the coast of Japan. This is the energy change, the energy growth, the energy acceptance. Learn to accept what you see, and let a fact that has to go, because no matter how turned on the history of your civilization, all that you will be able to go here and now, will be the basis of the new things that you will be built.
It is the energy of awakening and unfolding of the mother. Inside of me, as in you is born a new consciousness and a new life. But life always comes in a combination of male and female energy. Now male energy – the energy of nuclear, man-made and carries the destructive power of a different quality. All that you create, carries a part of you, and that nuclear power, and the power plant, enclosing it in myself, it’s all marked energy of your consciousness. Scientific consciousness, the consciousness of an active, masculine consciousness. This is the energy with which you are fenced off from the outside world by means of which create their artificial world. And now it is too dangerous for you, now you are too afraid of it. But all around you live or may become live if you need it. There is nothing here that would not serve you for a better self-awareness. Talk to this man, active, dangerous energy, submit it in the form in which it will be close to you – as a person, as a device, like a cloud … Ask him to temper their destructive power. Be sincere in your request, and your child listen to you.

We’ll go through the process of transformation

, and with us it is all that is here, all created by me, all that you have created. Those things that you used to consider inanimate, has a soul, and that soul is yours. You have created it, just as I gave birth to the soul of plants, animals and rocks. So be you and live, and feel them as their living counterparts, talk to them, get involved in their lives, as you allow them to participate in yours. This is not madness, it is the birth of a new consciousness, new relationships of all. This restoration of the unity of the planet that was once, and that was once lost …

Hard for me. What is happening to me, like a birth.

And when a woman gives birth, next to her must be the ones who love it. At this point, you would not specify what to do, at this point you’re just going there and will maintain his love and his power. What is happening to me now, will continue. And so I ask you to be with me, to attend to all your consciousness is in me and feel me and how I feel. If you just sit there and keep me in love, we will be able to pass this way in the unity and integrity. We will be able to experience the unity of our minds, and then all that no matter what happens, it will be for us only the impetus for further unification.

When you’re scared when you are suffering and horrified, find the courage to call me in his soul and give the intent to be present now with me in all the processes that go. In my rhythm in my processes in the history of my love for you. I need your help and your presence. There is nothing more important than your love and your attention to the planet, which is your home and your energy. I bless you, your Earth.

By witosp